About The East Coast Box Company


Hi! I'm Ally -

My name is Ally, I’m the owner of Nova Box and the proud NEW owner of The East Coast Box Company! We're excited to be carrying on the awesome work of ECB founder Anne Hooper, who has just launched her new business The Boathouse Goods & Gifts.

I was born in PEI, went to University in New Brunswick, and now live in Nova Scotia. Someday I hope to visit Newfoundland and get screeched in! Any volunteers to do the honours?!

I started Nova Box because I love Atlantic Canada, I am proud our collective accomplishments, and I think the world needs to know more about what goes on in ‘our neck of the woods.’ I’m SO excited to expand my box empire, to bring you treats and treasures from every corner of the East Coast.

Since 2018 East Coast Box has been working with makers, artists and entrepreneurs who are masters of what they do, to help them grow their business and export their products outside the region. 

Each box showcases the beautiful work of our partners, and shares a piece of Atlantic Canada with people who love this place as much as I do.

Thank you for supporting East Coast Box!